Dark Room Photography Guide #1: How to Make Your Own Dark Room and Set Up Darkroom Equipment – Marissa Sampson

The arrival of digital cameras brought forth the birth of mobile phone selfies, but at the same time, it also signaled the death of another era in photography. Most people don’t shoot film anymore, except for the serious hobbyists or professional artists who appreciate the archival quality of working with film negatives. If you are one or the other, or perhaps a bit of both, you may have been tempted by the idea of putting together your own darkroom. The convenience of having a space in your home dedicated to your craft will ensure you don’t lose touch with this long lost art form. And the good news is – as you will learn in this book – creating your own darkroom isn’t all that difficult! Whether you want to set up a simple DIY make-shift darkroom in the bathroom, or you want to build a custom professional darkroom that can do it all, this book will give you everything you need to know and consider including where to source the equipment and tools you’ll need and how much you should budget. Stop thinking “maybe one day…” and get this project started now to unleash the professional photographer/developer in you!