Daughter of Darkness – David Miller

If the Demons Don’t Kill Her, the Hell Hounds Will.

Drawn to the small town of Rocky Hill, New Mexico, Sarah Prentiss immediately finds herself in hot water with the local sheriff. But the thin, six-foot-tall, half-Native-American woman dressed in biker leather and driving a black Ninja motorcycle isn’t his biggest problem.

In town to hunt down a two-headed, winged serpent attacking the locals, Sarah and the sheriff soon find themselves contending with the local mechanic who’s actually a homicidal demon, a mysterious stranger stalking Sarah, and what just might be a genuine portal into Hell.

And that’s all just a walk in the park compared to what Sarah learns about herself. An inescapable truth that will change her life forever—which just may not be that long.

Trust us, this isn’t your typical night in Rocky Hill, New Mexico.

The Irish Cycle Series – A unique urban fantasy adventure with a mix of mythological and supernatural elements set in contemporary America.

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