Dawn of the Dual Apex – Second Chronicle – OzMari Granlund

Yuana and Roald’s passionate relationship survived the devastating revelation of her beastly Viscerebus nature, but Roald’s phobia of her kind remains a challenge for them to overcome despite his determination to do so. To help him, Yuana must keep one more secret from Roald – that she is more Viscerebus than most – she’s an Apex. A rare, super shapeshifter revered by her kind for millennia.

Unbeknownst to Yuana, an evil scheme engineered by a mysterious Viscerebus is underway. And his Grand Plan is to upend the world order between humans and their lifelong, but forgotten, nemesis – the Viscera-Eaters. The scheme endangers Yuana and Roald’s life, testing friendships and family loyalties.

Soon, Yuana will have no choice but to choose between her heart and her responsibility to her kind. A role she is wholly unprepared for.