Dawned – Charlene Johnson

From the Circle of the Red Scorpion series, is the love story that started it all.

Deep in the forest, Broderick Devereaux found her so unexpectedly and was instantly mesmerized.

He was the dark handsome stranger Elise Munro dreamed of but never thought she’d find.

Despite their differences, Broderick and Elise started a life together and thought they had it all. But
internal demons and secrets threatened to destroy their happiness.

While Elise was becoming a celebrated artist, Broderick tirelessly fought to put Solomon Blackwell, a
ruthless sociopath and wealthy businessman who befriended his wife behind bars. Putting Solomon in
prison became Broderick’s obsession as his relationship with his wife imploded. Was Solomon behind
the chasm that separated them?

Broderick and Elise loved each other, but was their love enough?