Decisiveness – Sergio Craig

Did I just make the best possible decision? Could there have been a better option? Should I have taken the other road? Am I getting the most out of my efforts and resources? While an abundance of choices is part of the very fabric of affluent civilized society, more often than not, it simply leads to a state where we either stagnate without moving forward, postpone the decision to an indefinite future, or altogether run away to avoid landing in situations which would require decisiveness on our part. Unfortunately, such wishy-washy half-measures can hardly put off the reality of life. Whether for personal or professional advancement, to gain anything at all, we need to be fully prepared and equipped to make difficult choices at every turn. But how can we be certain that the path taken is the right choice? That’s where this book comes in. So step up to the plate and get ready to master the art of decision-making. Take the reins of your life firmly back into your own hands, learn how to channel your efforts and throw your weight behind your choices, and turn into a powerful force to be reckoned with. Let’s get started!