Dermatillomania Treatment and Self-Help – Jonathan Cross

Dermatillomania, or compulsive skin picking, is usually caused by some sort of stress that leads to picking as an emotional outlet, the results of which bring on additional stress, which only causes more picking. It becomes a vicious cycle that’s so all-encompassing that many sufferers feel trapped without a way out, all the while feeling insecure and judged by those around them. Of course, if you have the time and the financial means, seeking professional psychological therapy is an effective way of overcoming dermatillomania. However, if you prefer to battle the affliction on your own, then this book will arm you with all the tools you need. Here you’ll be provided with a mixture of psychological techniques that will teach you how to channel the urge to pick, catch yourself in the act, and even tone it down gradually until it no longer has a death grip on your mind or occurs subconsciously without your approval. None of these methods require any medication: the only thing they require from you is a genuine desire to dig your way out of the clutches of this dermatillomania.