Derrick’s Choice – Cynthia P. O’Neill

Derrick Caldwell:

Trying to carve out my own way in life, I joined the Air Force, only to have my dad pull strings to place me in Special Ops. Turns out, my entire life had been decided for me; I was to follow in my father’s footsteps.

Once discharged, I had my goals within reach and defying dad was at the top of my list, until Jesse walked in, stealing everything I wanted. I should’ve hated her for taking away my choice, but I couldn’t; one smile was all it took to brand herself on my soul. I swore I’d bide my time and eventually have my dream job and her!

Who knew the position my father forced me to take for Titan Security would lead me to everything I desired? I’d have to act fast, as time was working against me, with a potential killer on the loose, money missing from the company, and someone stalking her…

Jesse Bradford:

On the verge of making manager, I was consumed with work, before Derrick stepped in and snatched my promotion out from under me. He’s familiar, but how? And why did he take my breath away every time we touched? I wanted to make his job a living hell – until someone tried to kill me.

Now my life was in his hands, the ones I imagined bending me to his will. Why am I even thinking this way? He has me confused, forcing me to rethink who I am, submitting to my desires, and helping him track down a killer(s) before they strike again. Can I trust him? I don’t know that I have a choice.

**NOTE*** For those who enjoyed the Need Series, Titan Security is a spin-off of Need, with a few secondary characters who never got their time in the limelight, starting with the former head of Prescott International Security, Derrick Caldwell. All books will be written as standalone novels and can be read individually or in order, as they’re written. If you love alpha dominant men, strong empowered women who challenge them, light BDSM play, former military operatives, corporate espionage, money laundering, and extremely heated scenes that will have you reaching for a fan to cool off, with elements of suspense leaving you on the edge of your seat…then this series is definitely for you! Written for ages 18+ due to strong sexual content and adult language.