Did I date you? – Grey Knight

A man goes online dating in search of true love. A series of funny, bizarre and promising dates leads him down an unfamiliar road for which he is ill-equipped. In an era of instant replacement dates, he becomes embroiled in a series of sexual encounters that come with a price.

Every word of this journey is true, nothing has been embellished nor omitted.

If you’re a woman and would like to see dating from a man’s point of view, then you’ll enjoy this. If you’re already out there dating, then perhaps he has even dated you?

If you’re a man struggling to meet women then his insights and tips will open a whole new world to you. If you’re trapped in a dead-end relationship and want new experiences by proxy, then this is for you.

If you’re thinking of going online dating this story will show you what might happen for you. Don’t dare go internet dating without reading this first.

This story is not a diary of dates or sexual conquests, it is much more than that.

“Did I date you?” is an entertaining read that has an undertone of seriousness that will give you pause for thought.