Do You Do Extras? (An American in the UK Book 1) – Nikki Ashton

Grantley James is Hollywood’s newest action hero. He’s got the looks, the body and can barely crack a smile, mainly because he has the mother from hell.

Phoebe Drinkwater is an Extra on Grantley’s new film. She’s happy and fun loving but will never be as beautiful as her parents’ imaginary youngest daughter, Melania.

Whoever could imagine they’d ever be friends, never mind more – certainly not Grantley James, but he just can’t get the girl who’s a pain in his perfect bum, off his mind.

Add a foul mouthed agent, an embarrassing incident with a glow in the dark vibrator and an estranged father and you’ve got Do You Do Extras?

This is the new romantic comedy from Nikki Ashton author of the acclaimed No Bra Required and Roman’s Having Sex Again.

At the centre of this beautiful romance are moments that will make you laugh out loud, and those which will pull at your emotions, but all in all you’ll get a stonking good read.