Dog Flight and Other Short Horror Stories – D. T. Adams

Encounter frightening people and witness bloodcurdling phenomena.

Seven short horror stories await you. In each chilling tale, someone ends up in grave peril.

– Beauty Thine, Beauty Mine. A sociopath has an urge to paint a particularly beautiful woman
– Dog Flight. A dog walk turns into a nightmare scenario
– Knocked Down. A set of cursed dominoes causes a woman’s life to collapse around her
– Life Lesson. A man is tasked with committing murder in order to move on in life
– The Rearranger. A savage being with a fondness for distorting human bodies wreaks havoc
– The Snatcher. A visit to a fortune teller causes strange and deadly things to happen
– Too Far Back. A time traveller makes a mistake with devastating consequences

Death is looming. Will it claim any of the characters in these short stories?

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, you’re sure to enjoy Dog Flight and Other Short Horror Stories.

Buy now and find out who survives their horrific predicament.