Edge of the Empire – Dai Pryce

Having barely escaped from the Great Tower of thirteenth century Flint Castle, Megan and Hugh have a problem — the castle they jumped from has yet to be built. That’s not all; the modern city of Chester is the fortress of Deva Victrix, home to the 20th Legion of Rome.
Hugh gets hauled off to gladiator school, while Megan begins slaving away in a tavern close to the local brothel. As the weeks tick by, she resigns herself to a life of servitude in Roman Britain, but the plebian feast of Feronia brings a surprise, and there is a chance, albeit a slim one she can escape.

The help she’ll need comes from the most unlikely of sources. An annoyingly pretty Celtic girl working a couple of doors down who Megan can’t help but find attractive.

With Wales under the heel of Roman occupation, the odds are stacked against them, but as they say in Latin . . . Audaces Fortuna Iuvat.