Elder Abuse Prevention and Intervention: A Guide to Dealing With Nursing Home Abuse and Other Elderly Abuse Issues – Carrie Shenoy

The abuse of elderly persons is fast becoming one of the major problems in the care of this vulnerable age group. These acts aren’t isolated to nursing homes either. It happens in the home as well, even sometimes perpetrated by members of the victim’s own family. If you’re planning to move into a nursing home, or are planning to move a family member into one or under the care of someone else, learning how to deal with elder abuse properly will help a lot in preventing its occurrence. How will you know that you’re being abused? When and how will you report the deed? These are all important points to understand so that you’re prepared to deal with the situation immediately, or better yet, prevent it from happening in the first place. This ebook will help you learn how to recognize and deal with abuse in nursing homes and at home by discussing both prevention and intervention in detail.