Elements – Kali Hurst

In the land of Elementia, The Great Elemental War has been rampaging on for hundreds of years between the Fire and Water Elementals. There is, however, nothing great about the war at all. Battles continuously rage on, and many Elementals have died.

In the midst of it all are four kids: Ash, River, Carter, and Lilly. When the two ‘Fires’ and two ‘Waters’ run into each other in the Forbidden Forest they become fast friends. Despite the fact that they are complete opposites, each of these Elementals have lost their parents and have been betrayed by both their family and friends. One day they meet a mysterious lady who tells them of a prophecy. She claims that this prophecy has come from their deity Mother Nature, and that they are the four prophesized Elementals that she has been searching for.

The four soon discover that if they don’t stop the war, all Elementals will die. They find themselves caught in a battle for power. Power that the queen of the Fire Elementals would do anything to acquire.

These young Elementals realize that they’re wrapped up in something much bigger then themselves. Along their journey they discover the true Elementia, and more importantly, they discover their true selves. Will Ash, River, Carter, and Lilly, along with their new friends, be able to save Elementia before it’s too late?