Emotional Resilience: Learn How to Be Resilient and Recover Quickly from Disappointment and Failure – Lisa Brighton

Life is a game, we are the players, and it’s only natural to get hurt on occasion. Some people get hurt badly, yet somehow are able to get back up and continue moving toward their goal. These are the warriors – the strong and resilient ones among us. Others only suffer minor injuries or setbacks, yet they break down and cry easily, wanting to give up or quit as soon as the first obstacle is encountered. These are the self-proclaimed victims – the weak and unprepared.

So where do you fall on this spectrum? And where would you like to be? And more importantly, how can you get there? This ebook will help you self-assess, and identify whether you are a warrior or a victim. Then the 15 steps outlined will help you become emotionally resilient and capable of seeing failure as it truly is – just a small obstacle in the bigger picture, one that is meant to be overcome. By the end of this ebook, I expect you will have an entirely new outlook on life.