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Enrichment of the Self and Soul – Richard J. Choura

“Enrichment of the Self and Soul: Principle of Life, Cradle of the Soul” This book shows how people in other disciplines and walks of life have enhanced and enriched their self and soul to become more successful, spiritual, and satisfied in life and how you can do the same. As humans we often become trapped in circumstances where we are unable to discover or change our genuine selves. This is a matter that must be resolved at all costs, Richard J. Choura’s Enrichment of the Self and Soul presents new insights for improving yourself and soul by bringing together spiritual thought and aesthetic vision with the holy, cultural, and scientific realms of knowledge. It uncovers sources of inner abilities and outgrowths such as sacredness, symbols, epiphanies, and cosmic thinking, all of which have the potential to alter our view and enhance our level of spiritual awareness. It is remarkable in that it holds the spark of life. It broadens our personal and spiritual vision. And fills the voids of human life with light.’ as they say. This compelling book equips the reader with the capacity to harness the self in conjunction with spirituality in order to discover a deeper purpose in life that they have been searching for in spirituality. So, if you are yearning for a more profound spiritual meaning, this inspirational and influential book is the one you have been longing for.