Escape from Hell: Based on the True Story of a Syrian Political Prisoner – Zubair Rushk and Daniel Romm

Zubair Rushk is stubborn; he won’t back down in his pursuit of justice and freedom—even when it costs him. His grit moves him to defy the oppressive regime in his home country of Syria, leading to his arrest.

In prison, a guard fires a gun close to his face then forces Zubair to put the barrel in his mouth, burning his tongue and lips.

This is just one of many brutalities Zubair suffers there. But given his fearlessness, the cruelty of his jailers only strengthens his resolve to rebel against the government.

His torture drives him to madness. However, to escape he must risk his life—and that of his friends and family.

Escape from Hell is a powerful and enlightening historical political thriller that chronicles Zubair’s motivations, the horrors he faces—and his fate.