ESL Lesson Plans: An ESL Teacher’s Essential Guide to Lesson Planning, Including Samples and Ideas ~ ( English As a Second Language Lesson Plans ) – Janie Espinal

Due to globalization, the ability to converse in English has become an incredibly important skill to possess. Business people, students, and the general public alike have become increasingly aware of the advantages provided by English literacy, and are therefore willing to go to great lengths to become proficient in the language. ESL stands for “English as a Second Language.” ESL teachers teach the English language to non-native English speakers all over the world. Thus, English becomes the student’s second language. While teaching ESL can be challenging, it can also be a very rewarding experience. This book is designed to help you, the ESL teacher, become better equipped to create enjoyable and effective ESL lessons for your students. Here, you’ll learn everything that you need to know to plan great lessons for your classes so that you and your students can make learning English easy, stress-free, and fun.