Evolving: My Lessons of Self-Discovery – Denise Svajlenko

Are you searching for a life filled with joy? Have you thought about all the important relationships and events of your life and tried to understand their meanings? Have you been seeking answers to life’s big questions that still haunt you but remain unanswered? After a profound event occurred in the author’s young adult life, Denise Svajlenko began asking the bigger questions that led to the search for who she really is. Evolving is the story of Denise’s spiritual path to finding her real self. She brings readers along her winding journey of exploring, examining, and understanding the significant events and relationships of her life. In doing so, she uncovers a series of universal lessons that each of her unique relationships and life situations has taught her. Inspiring, thought-provoking, and honest, Evolving is a relatable memoir of self-discovery. We all have blissful and harrowing episodes in our lives. Denise reveals to readers that when we learn to live with conscious awareness and pay attention to our universal lessons, then we will become our true selves and be blessed to live a life of joy.