Excessive Sweating – scottie odonovan

When you’re sweating profusely, it can be embarrassing to socialize with people. You’d probably rather isolate yourself and stay in the confines of your own home. It can even feel as if your life comes to a standstill, since you can’t really focus on anything else. There’s only one way to get your life back on track again — and that’s to stop excessive sweating! But in order to control it, you must first understand it and identify the root cause in your specific case. Excessive sweating, medically known as hyperhidrosis, has various potential underlying causes. Hyperhidrosis can stem from hormonal and endocrine problems; it can be caused by dysfunctional sweat glands; it can be a symptom of a disease; or the side effect of anxiety or fever. This book is designed to provide you with all the information you need about hyperhidrosis, and the simple yet effective methods of avoiding the physiological reaction of excessive sweating. Furthermore, you will learn which potential pathologic conditions can bring about profuse sweating, and how you can minimize, control, and eradicate the problem altogether.