Eyes of danger – Todd Hicks

Throughout most of her childhood Hanna Downs is used to getting her way. A student who gets excellent grades, she has her heart set on attending an elite college in her high school senior year.

After Yale becomes the last prestigious university to turn her down she sulks. Able to get over this, she settles on a local college and earns an economics degree.

She then becomes a star economist. She does stellar work yet is turned down for a promotion and hefty raise due to a limited budget; turned off, she storms out of her boss’s office.

When a freak accident occurs in the workplace lab, Hanna develops powers that enable her to cause havoc with solid objects and thus hurt others through her eyes. Reflecting on being spurned from the big universities and being denied the career boost she wanted, she opts to get revenge on society.

Those who stand in her way now will suffer the consequences. She must be stopped before she causes irreparable damage.