Fantastic Lies that Joe Tell – A Book with Pictures on Manners for children aged 3-5 years about teaching kids to tell the truth – Elisa Anderson

Joe loves to tell little lies and big lies and he thinks we can’t tell
This is a story about Joe.
Joe loves to tell tall, tall tales.
What lies will he tell us this time?
What will he do when he finds out that we know that he’s lying?
Will he change his lying ways?
Find out in this colorful and fun interactive book for children of ages 3-5.

Show your kid how ridiculous it is to tell lies with this bedtime story book
Kids can get to tell lies at times and think that we don’t have a clue.
Well we do and we know how silly they look thinking that we believe them.
But they don’t know we know they are lying.
So this book will show them a boy who tells very obvious lies that they can
tell are lies such that at the end of the book, they begin to wonder why he had
to lie in the first place!
That’s when you tell them that there’s no need to lie because just as they can
see through Joe’s lies, so can you with them!

Load this book in your kindle and have fun!