Fantasy World: Naropa Vol 1 – The Leaving – Henry Fleiss and Julius St. Clair

Expedition One has ventured out into the wilderness, but they aren’t the only ones.

A champion athlete seeking to recapture his former glory helps to devise another expedition team—to explore the uncharted world in order to find supplies, medicine, new allies, and honor. A schizophrenic mercenary longs for peace. A young girl who doesn’t belong wants to find her place in the world, and an ex-soldier yearns for redemption.

These are but a few of the noble crew. A band of strangers connected by a desire to find something greater than themselves. This is a serial of epic proportions, taking you on an adventure that is grand in scope and sweeping in action. Likened to Star Trek in its exploration of the human condition, and Lord of the Rings in its scale, this is a journey that will be as unforgettable as the characters themselves.

Welcome to the planet of Naropa.