Featherlight. Hope rekindled – Antje Doehring

A story about friendship, self esteem, family and love. And about anorexia …

»Less is more!« Paolo had declared. Following which the school heartthrob had dumped her. Since then, Jasmine had wanted only one thing: to become thinner and to be more attractive.

When her family sat down for lunch, Jasmine only pretended to eat. She secretly threw most of her food away. She hoped to lose weight with the help of an Internet forum called the “PorcelainGirls”. Soon after, becomes close friends with the administrator of the site.

Jasmine was besieged with health problems. And the situation soon became critical. Yet, she was still torn. On the one hand she felt compelled to become even thinner – just like the rest of the girls in the forum. On the other hand, as she got to know other people, her perceptions
would gradually be changed. And then there was Philipp. Could he win her trust during this trying time? And in the end: which side would gain the upper hand?

It’s the story about a teenage girl overcoming her struggle with an eating disorder.