Fever Season – Kaley Jarstad

Fever Season is the story of Aspen Caraway, a seventeen-year-old girl who may have killed her classmate.

At an end-of-summer party at Olivia Peterson’s house, Aspen goes outside for air and sees Olivia. A drunken argument ends with Aspen pushing her down a hill. The hill isn’t particularly steep. Aspen is intoxicated, assumes the other girl is fine and leaves. Two days later, Olivia is found dead in the woods behind her house. Aspen’s memory of the altercation is fragmented by alcohol. Did she kill Olivia?
Fearful of her possible guilt, Aspen seeks to clear her conscience by searching for the real killer. She enlists the help of Olivia’s boyfriend, Connor, and Olivia’s best friend, Jessica. As tension mounts, Aspen’s grasp on reality slips.
If you can’t trust yourself, how do you know what’s true?