Financially Independent: How to Become Financially Independent and Achieve Financial Peace of Mind (Financially Stable, Financially Free) – Jason Schuler

Many people desire to enjoy not only a reasonably nice lifestyle, but also to work less for it. But currently, everyone seems to be looking for a side job to supplement their primary income so that they can get more money more quickly. Is this really the path to financial independence? This book is intended to reveal exactly what financial independence is and inform you how you can get there without working long hours every day. Financial independence is meant to be an easy, worry-free state of being whereby you have the wealth to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without needing to work actively to provide for your basic needs. So how do you get there? Let’s be clear here: Financial independence is absolutely attainable, but it’s not going to just fall into your lap. You’re going to have to make it happen. The process requires discipline, dedication, and utter commitment. This book is intended to help give you direction and get you started on a path towards a financially independent lifestyle.