Finding Annevra – Josephine C. Lieder

Marooned by her family and peers due to a strange condition she’s had since birth—now her most guarded secret—Lucy Divine doesn’t want much more than to live a normal life.

During the summer before her senior year of high school, Lucy is sent to stay with her older sister while her parents travel abroad. Her visit coincides with a wedding in which her sister, Adele, is the Maid of Honor, and Adele has already promised the bride that her unfortunate younger sister will be accompanying her.

The family of the bride turn out not to be strangers like Lucy thought, and instead, the Alexander’s, a family she hasn’t seen in over a decade.

When one of their family heirlooms’ goes missing, watched over fastidiously by their son, Grant, Lucy fears that she might be one of the best-equipped to help him find it, but acting on that requires that she reveals her secret.

But the Alexander’s have secrets, too, and Lucy is about to confront the unsettling truth that she may have been involved in one of their most insidious—a revelation that could, instead, turn her away from Grant and his family forever.