Finding Happiness – Reno Jacoby

Happiness is a seemingly evasive emotion that we all tend to “pursue” in life, but unfortunately, most people never actually achieve it – at least not in a true and lasting form. Why is that? Often times, we have a preconceived notion about what might make us happy, whether it be material wealth, power, spirituality, etc. However, even the wealthiest, most powerful, most religious people can be miserable in life, therefore these general ideals cannot be the real source of universal happiness. So what exactly is it that can make us happy? What if I told you that, despite of all of your current circumstances or conditions in life, happiness is really just an internal attitude that you can decide to adopt, independent of all external factors? If you don’t believe me yet, then I strongly urge you to read this book! I’ll explain exactly what happiness is, what it means to truly be happy, and how to become happy in a real and long-lasting way. If this sounds appealing to you, then download this book now and let’s get started!