Firing up the Mind: How to Obtain Full Awareness, Joy and Sound Health through the Power of the Mind in Two Weeks – Niles Seaver

This book contains steps that provide an insight into the Mind, its intrinsic inner dealings and its role in shaping the course of our lives. This book also teaches you some of the various techniques that can be used to tap into your mind’s power and exploit it to impact your quality of life. Discover how to use the power of thought to introduce health and wellness, happiness and joy, and moreover, expand your self-awareness.
You will learn
••Clarification on how the mind works and how understanding it can benefit you.
••How to unlock your own unique mental power that will pave the way to achieve your goals and having a clear-cut vision as to how to deal with creating the world that you wish to inhabit.
••More clarity in your thoughts that will make it easier to focus on tasks.
••A more open mind that will allow you to adapt to an ever changing world.
••how to let the mind be a more key player in our health, immunity and overall wellbeing.
••How to tap into your mind power by expanding your level of self-awareness leaving you more flexible and balanced in life.
••Your brain is a muscle, learn how to strengthen it and keep it from tensing up and not allowing you to maximize its potential.
••Tap into the powers of your mind to create and achieve joy and happiness through exploiting the infinite power within your mind.
••Learn how to relieve tension and stress with your mind.
Are you ready to experience life changing health benefits through obtaining full awareness through the power of the mind in the next 24 hours?
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