First 100 Words With Lenny – Elizabeth Devis

Your bundle of joy is growing up, and you are overjoyed. You are ecstatic that your little one will be able to speak soon. You want to expose your child to the best learning resources that you possibly can. This is an ideal time to have your toddler build up his or her vocabulary, open up to a world of learning, and begin to speak in a fun, simple, and creative way.

Presenting the most wonderful guide for your toddler 1-2-year-old to learn his or her first 100 words and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Here’s a preview of what else you’ll discover:
VARIETY. Diverse topics covered, ranging from animals to bedtime.
ILLUSTRATIVE. Large and happy figures to brighten up your little one’s mood.
COLORFUL. Colorful images of objects together with their title for word association.
POPULAR. The 100 most common English words are covered in this book.
GIFT. This book makes a fantastic present with an amazing opportunity to learn!

….. And much more!

After reading First 100 Words with Lenny, your child will also know:
•The most common first words in many spheres of life.
•The most common words describing the human body.
•The most common words for eating and drinking, etc.
•How illustrations associate with words.
Learning words for toddlers 1-2 years of age became simple. Your child deserves the very best of everything. Laying a solid learning foundation for him or her will go a very long way in building your child’s curiosity. This indispensable baby book was specially developed to grab the attention of little ones and motivate them to broaden their vocabulary and learn to talk in a short period of time. With illustrations that are lively and colorful, your young one will learn to form word associations in a breeze.
The book First 100 Words with Lenny is your key to forming the learning habits of your little ones.