Flash Quiz – A Fun Game and Travel book for kids ages 4-8 and above: A children’s brain activity to test memory skills with friends – Elisa Anderson

Play this Game with a partner to see whose brain’s the fastest!
This is a Book Game which can be played by 2 using only sight and sound!
The aim of the game is to memorize a number of objects which will be “flashed” to you for 5 seconds.
Then your partner will ask you questions like: “How many Stars did you see?” or “How many Tomatoes did you see?”
If you get them right you claim a point otherwise you get none for that round.
After 10 rounds the player with the highest points wins.

Get your brain tested with Flash Quiz
This game is especially suited to aid in the development of the right side of the brain which is used for our sub-conscious thinking. That’s the part we used as kids to know the letters of the alphabet and other stuff that seems like we have know like forever.
As adults grow older we lose our thinking to the left side of the brain which we use for everyday activities when we are fully conscious.

Memory games like Flash Quiz will help to simulate that part of our brain so we can remember things much faster!

Great games for kids as well
Unlike us, kids have more access to the right side of the brain as they don’t have to think of everyday adult stuff like paying bills and taxes! So this game will get them to activate that part of the brain which will help them to remember stuff intuitively for their learning in school.

So grab a partner open up this book and start having brain-tastic fun with Flash Quiz!