Forgotten Dragons – Dai Pryce

Cherokee folklore tells of a brave group of moon-eyed, pale-skinned explorers who many, many generations ago, crossed a great water to reach their lands These people called themselves Welsh, and their story begins here . . .

The North Wales princedom of Gwynedd mourns the death of its greatest leader, Owain. Not all grieve though; his son Dafydd, positions himself for an ambitious power grab. When Prince Madoc unearths evidence of a murderous plot, his duplicitous half-brother Dafydd is one step ahead of him, and as more details come to light, the net closes in on Madoc. A chance meeting with an old friend from the Norse city of Dublin offers Madoc an escape route, but there is a grave price to pay.

The story reaches its dramatic and heart wrenching climax on the ancient Druidic island of Anglesey. Will Madoc succeed in restoring order and justice to his homeland, or does a mysterious new world far across the ocean beckon?