Forgotten Past Our Way Home – Dominic Sciulli

Maxwell couldn’t believe his eyes. He was in an entirely different world full of fairies, and elemental powers, but the most important issue on his mind was that he forgot his own family. In his reality, it was like they were complete strangers. The only details he could recall were their names. He is forced to cope with the fact he is their kin, but he finds that there is a devil hiding under the surface causing cracks and secrets amidst the confusion. Will Maxwell learn to love his new family, or will he crack under the pressure in his new reality? Meanwhile, his older sister Alyssa was fighting her own fight, but in the music scene. Once she returned to her old home she realizes it was a completely different place from before she left. The music had no drums, guitars, or even a lead singer! Alyssa goes on a musical journey to bring the real music back to Greenspan. She knows it will be a difficult endeavor, but she’ll do anything to bring the music back home with her. Both of the siblings have to accomplish their own goals, but in the end, a looming disaster unites them together. Will Maxwell remember his family, and will Alyssa find her rhythm. It all unfolds in Maxwell’s forgotten past