Freedom Calling: A Civil War Slave Escapes By Sea – Dana Vacca

In the midst of the Civil War, runaway slaves Daisy Green and her daughter, Celia, attempt a nearly infallible but risky plan to escape from their Southern plantation and stow away on a sailing ship headed north. They will do whatever they must to be free.

The cruelties of slavery that have broken Daisy’s body have only reinforced her steadfast will to get her daughter to freedom.

Mother and daughter are soon separated, and everything changes. Although their strong bond endures, their hearts are torn by desperation, sorrow, and fear. Strong faith in God’s divine guidance gives them strength to persevere.

A perilous sea voyage, the strange, fearsome Dismal Swamp, and the dangerous, embattled Confederate South present fierce challenges to Daisy and Celia in their courageous struggle to find liberty and happiness. Help and danger come from unexpected places.

Emotional, fast-paced, exciting, and compelling, their incredible search for freedom becomes a fight for life and a test of love. Their journeys take them to heights of happiness and plunge them to depths of despair – and back again.

This page-turning drama is packed with action, emotion, romance and tumultuous adventure, and is vibrantly painted with powerful characters, vivid imagery and factual details of the Civil War era; and is an exploration into the meaning of freedom and love and the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter.

FREEDOM CALLS to these unforgettable heroines, Daisy and Celia. Will they find freedom,… and each other?