FREEDOM: The Case For Open Borders – Joss Sheldon


Once upon a time, we were free to go wherever we chose. It wasn’t so long ago. The history of humanity, is a tale of constant motion.

People are supposed to move about. We have imaginations which encourage us to dream about life in other places, bodies which are built to roam, and hands which can make an array of vehicles. A few of us even possess the “Wanderlust Gene”, which encourages us to take risks – to sail across unchartered oceans, and launch ourselves towards faraway planets.

Some of us are forced to relocate. Lots of us choose to migrate. A few of us belong to nomadic communities.

But if one thing is clear, it’s that mobility improves our societies. Emigrants send back billions in remittances – helping to reduce poverty, and inspiring their peers to upskill. Immigrants do the work that their hosts are unwilling or unable to perform. They sustain economies which have ageing populations. They establish industries, invent products, create jobs, increase wages, fuel growth, pay taxes, and enrich our cultures – enhancing our music, arts, sports, languages and cuisine.

It’s time to celebrate movement! It’s time to demand our freedom! It’s time for open borders!

This book explains why – making the historical, scientific, economic, cultural, political and philosophical cases for free movement.