Fun Knits for Beginners – Linda Gray

Is it just too boring lying on a sundrenched white sandy beach all day doing nothing? No? Ok cool, stop reading this, close your eyes and relax.
But, if you get fidgety and you’ve read all the holiday romances you can stomach for now, have a stab at knitting!

Not only is knitting one of the most relaxing hobbies you can have, it’s also creative and practical and could conceivably solve the Christmas present list this year – sorry didn’t mean to use the dreaded C word before summer’s really got going, but hey, it’s not a bad idea if you think about it…..
Fun Knits is a beginners knitting pattern book containing simple step by step instructions to make:
A basic beanie
A colourful throw
Wrist Warmers
Arm Cuffs
A scarf
and bags and purses in four different designs.

You’ll need:
a pair of 4mm (U.S size: 6 and old UK size: 8) and
a pair of 5.5mm (U.S size: 9 and old UK size: 5 )knitting needles to complete all items.

Add a few cute buttons, ribbons and a length of elastic for the scrunchies and you’ll have lots of wonderful home-made gifts for you, your family and friends.

Happy Knitting!