Galataria’s Echoes – Gail Brown

Galataria teeters on the brink of destruction. At least, the human population does. The rest of the world has been rescued. At what cost? Earth stumbles along the path to the Devolution War Galataria fought generations ago.

Dreams begin to cross the dimensional boundary between Galataria and Earth. Dreams of people and places that don’t match the lived experiences of the receivers.

For Kalara and Leonard on Galataria, the dreams appear like nightmares, a haunt of a past best forgotten. For Shalin and Jendal, the dreams of Galataria are peaceful and serene. A beauty in life they have never seen.

Stress builds in both worlds. Although the connection falters, it soon becomes the only way to save Galataria.

Ties bind them together, between worlds. Bringing a bit of both worlds across the bridge into the other. Both worlds are threatened with ideas, and a life most don’t recognize, and many fear.

40 Chapters
80,963 Words