Gateway to Sheol – David Miller

Boston cop Sean Regan and Celtic warrior woman Plor na mBan are back. And this time all Hell’s breaking loose. Sure would be nice to have a little backup.

When Boston cop Sean Regan arrives at a crime scene with multiple casualties, his first thoughts aren’t of winged harpies and war goddesses. They should’ve been. After all, it’s not like he doesn’t pal around with a 400-year-old Japanese vampire and a Celtic warrior demi-goddess from another realm.

But when a rabbi becomes the newest target, and he refuses to tell Regan why, the cop realizes they’re up against a far greater danger than they’ve ever faced before.

With the rabbi’s life on the line, and the fate of all of humankind—and, oh yeah, Otherworlds too—at stake, Regan knows if they’re to stop what’s coming, they’re gonna need a little help. Because this time, all Hell’s breaking loose.

The Irish Cycle Series – A unique urban fantasy adventure with a mix of mythological and supernatural elements set in contemporary Boston.

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