God, the Evolver: A Secular Approach to the Divine – Faiz King

Too Evolved To Believe In God? Discover The Spiritual Successor To “The Origin Of Species”.

Religion and science have been fighting an undeclared war for centuries. Ever since we stepped out of the dark ages and modern science started taking its first baby steps, people have been debating the connection between metaphysics and physics. And human evolution is one of the most controversial issues. Until now. This eye-opening book will offer you an in-depth understanding of evolution from a religio-scientific point of view.

God The Evolver – Bridging The Gap Between Metaphysics & Science!

If you are a serious free thinker without any religious or scientific prejudices, then this book is for you. If you are not afraid to step into spiritual no-man’s land and test your knowledge, then this book will offer you a game-changing perspective. By combining religion, philosophy and science, the author Faiz King has created a comprehensive guide to the struggle of religion and science.