Goodnight Kitchen? – A Colorful Read Aloud Bedtime Story Book for Toddlers – Sammie Wu

What really happens in the kitchen at night when we sleep? Find out in this Entertaining, funny Bedtime Story picture book for children of ages 3-5
A spoon, believe it or not, gives us an astonishing revelation of what oddities are happening in our kitchen at night time! It starts by saying…

Before you go to bed tonight
Here’s something you should know.
A tiny little secret
That only I can show!

A spoon I stand before you
In all my Shiny Glory!
Go to bed and rest your head
While I tell you my story…

Have your kids relish this enjoyable rhyming bedtime story while they are about to go to sleep!
A guaranteed bedtime story for toddlers, preschoolers and kids aged 3-5 who will love to listen to this enjoyable read aloud rhyming story
Spice up your bedtime routine with this entertaining book as:
•It’s fun to read aloud as the story is told in rhyming verses
•It’s easy for the kids to read as the enjoyable rhymes will encourage them to learn the words and recite them on their own
•Similar rhyming words are colored the same, to provide visual aids for the kids so they can quickly and easily recognize words that rhyme.
•The illustrations are vibrant and colorful with characters being able to “talk” using comic style speech bubbles so as to add more depth to the story
•A great moral story books for kids
•A lovely bedtime stories for kids of ages 3-5
•A suitable children’s Book for beginner readers
•A very colorful picture book for children of ages 3-5
•A short and funny bedtime story that preschoolers and kids will love
•Great to use as a beginner reading book for kindergarten
•A fun early reader books for children
Give your kids the fun they deserve at bedtime with Goodnight Kitchen? and they’ll learn that the Kitchen doesn’t really sleep at night!