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Graduation Speech – Devin Street

Devin Street’s high school career started off exceptionally well. He had excellent grades, was very involved in extracurricular activities, and a great group of friends. No matter what he faced, his friends Ian, Ashley, and Izzy were always there for him. But in life, things cannot be remarkable forever.

When Ashley betrays Devin, his entire life goes into a downward spiral. False rumors spread, he loses friends, and he sinks into depression. With Ian as his only support, Devin’s life becomes a recovery story, where he’s constantly working toward redemption.

During his recovery, Devin faces many challenges in his climb toward success. Starting an online business, writing and publishing books, and speaking in front of thousands of people are just a few steps Devin takes to achieve victory. Read all about Devin recovering, redeeming himself, and learning self-love in his bestseller, Graduation Speech.