Growlers: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Thriller – John Black

It begins with random reports of a new flu virus.

What should have been a relaxing winter vacation in a small town with the family turns into a hopeless situation for which none of them was prepared.

It spreads quickly.

Andrei, Lili, their seven-year-old son and Lili’s parents suddenly find themselves in the middle of a near extinction-level event. A mysterious disease turns everybody else into growling monsters and now Andrei and his family must fight for their lives. They have no power, no cell phone signal, no food supplies and it’s the middle of the winter. Roads are covered in snow and there’s nowhere to go.

Silence. Growling. Silence.

I Am Legend meets As Our World Ends in this suspense-thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. All mixed with a healthy dose of humor and witty repartee. Set in the Balkans, this is not your typical zombie story. A nerdy dad, a brave mom, an ex-cop grandfather, a caring grandmother and a young boy desperately try survive and figure out whether they are the only ones left.

Will they make it?

The family struggles to find food, shelter, much needed medicine and to stay alive in the process. But why do they seem to be immune? And if one gets sick, will the others be able to find a cure? All while being hunted by growling creatures and packs of famished dogs. What makes these zombie-like abominations tick? Can they be defeated?

Every decision, any move, could mean a terrible death.

This is more than a scary book with zombies, and it will make you keep wondering: ‘What would I do?’

Although meant to be part of a series, Growlers can be read as a standalone. This new post-apocalyptic survival novel will appeal to fans of Stephen King, Jack Hunt, A.G. Riddle, and Michael Crichton.

‘Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. The characters are believable, the writing is clear, concise and action packed. A must read for zombie book fans.’ – Amazon Reviewer

‘There is an emphasis on suspense and the fear experienced by the characters. Well worth a read.’ – Amazon Reviewer

Join the ride and you won’t put this book down!