Guardian Angel: A contemporary Scottish fable – Jean de Beurre

Many people in western Scotland need angelic help. On a remote Scottish island a young woman who worked as housekeeper for the minister has disappeared. The reverend is distraught but what really was their relationship? In Glasgow a young wife has escaped from her gangster husband who is now seeking revenge. A former sports player, confined to a wheelchair after a back injury is looking for a reason to keep living. Add a group of eccentric, well meaning, nuns who occupy a piece of valuable real estate and there area huge problems for the angel sent to Scotland to resolve. Battling amongst arsonists, atheists and SWAT teams the angel Gregorious has to use all his powers of persuasion to influence people but who is open to heavenly advice in the twenty-first century? Jean de Beurre writes a lively paced Scottish romantic adventure set in Glasgow city and on the beautiful islands of the windswept Hebrides.