Half a Person – Matthew Hattersley

Kyle Bannerman works hard and he plays hard, a ladies-man who’ll take no prisoners on his inevitable rise to the top. He’s also very good at lying to himself. Or at least he has been, up to now. But now the wheels are coming off and self-help affirmations can only get you so far.

Bud on the other hand knows his fate all too well, what’s more he accepts it and so wanders the streets, searching for a quick fix on his way to oblivion. It’s only when events conspire to destroy Kyle and Bud meets a young girl who needs his help that the two men begin to question who they are and what they want out of life. If indeed they want anything at all.

Half a Person is a darkly-comic morality tale about two people coming to terms with their existence in a world that doesn’t care. If you enjoy compulsive page turners full of tension and black humour then you’ll love this unique story of loss and redemption.