Happy Birthday Mrs. President – Ben Simon Lazarus

The president is in crisis. And when the president is in crisis, the entire country – if not the world – is in crisis. Having risen to the public’s consciousness as a successful actress, Madame President has succeeded thanks to her narcissism and personal trauma that has driven her forward. Though outwardly she flaunts her ability to thrive amid the chaos of her life, deep down she is grappling with a deep depression. The instability that initially helped her rise to power may be her undoing. This isn’t a new crisis, but one that’s always been there just beneath the skin. While the media once allowed this starlet to feed off of her own wildness, now that she holds the highest office in the land, everything comes to a head. Her advisors, unfortunately, can’t help her either. In fact, they are one of the reasons for this crisis. As figments of her imagination, they are a symptom of her deteriorating mental state. Will she – and most importantly, the country – be able to recover from this spiral as she understands that being a leader and role model to the people is what’s truly important, or will life as we know it be irrevocably altered by this actress-turned-president’s disastrous, social experiment?