He Cheated On Me… What Should I Do?: A Guide to Getting Through a Tough Time and Deciding What To Do Next – Guidry Jones

The basic premise of any serious committed relationship is trusting your partner enough to take responsibility for their own actions. Unfortunately, this leaves you vulnerable to the possibility of cheating. Cheating is something that can put even the strongest of relationships to the test, and often has the tendency to push it up against its breaking point, if not well over the edge. Given such a hurtful situaion, is it possible to forgive and forget? Perhaps, but that is easier said than done. Now that you’ve hit this “bump in the road,” you must decide whether to continue along your current path with all the potential and unknown dangers, or, whether to jump ship in search of a different path to travel. This book is designed to help you get over the intial shock and then decide whether or not to stay in your current relationship. It’s also geared towards helping you survive emotionally, and then come out even stronger on the other side.