Healing Faith – Pamela Gossiaux

A heartwarming story about trusting in your heart, even when it has been broken. By international bestselling author Pamela Gossiaux!

Rachel Walker’s husband left her, her parents are disappointed in her, and her job as a child psychologist isn’t going well. The only place she feels valued is at Three Hearts Ranch, the equine-assisted therapy center where she volunteers. It’s her safe space from the world.

Until Christopher Adler walks through the barn door.

Chris is the only survivor of the attack that took the lives of the other men in his Humvee in Afghanistan. Several years later, after a string of bad relationships and too much booze, he met God. Now, trying to turn his life around, he seeks help for his PTSD at Three Hearts Ranch. But he wasn’t counting on Rachel Walker—the girl he hurt in high school—to be assigned as his therapist.

Rachel detests Chris, and working together isn’t an option. But then Faith, an abused horse, is brought to the farm. As they try to save her, old feelings resurface. Can their wounds be healed and their hearts restored?