Heaven’s Song Vol. 1 – Courtney Wehrman

While Yana and the rest of the people of Earth are rebuilding the planet after its near annihilation, the very real threat of their possible extinction is now always at the forefront of everyone’s minds as they look forward to the future. The deadly invasion that almost cost the planet’s inhabitants their lives, as well as their homeworld, was enough to wipe all forms of racism, sexism, and classism from the hearts of all who lived their lives rooted in those destructive and divisive principles, and replace them with a global camaraderie that seems absolutely unbreakable. Yet, as the planet, known to its would-be invaders as Tera, is finding a peace that’s enabling them to achieve technological leaps and bounds never before imagined, the abode of condemned souls, devils and wickedly destructive Gods has found its way into the Heavens and is bringing with its wars with levels of devastation and finality that has not been seen since the times before time existed. Wars that may very well bring an end to all life in every form everywhere. Even as harmony and unity warm the hearts of the warriors responsible for the safety of the Earth, they can still feel the vibrations reverberating throughout the infinite fabric of space, which is promising that those wars will eventually cut a direct path to their arm of the Milky Way, in order to visit death upon all whom are too weak to deny its due.