Heirs of the Frost – Daniel Greenbrook

All debts need repaying. After killing in self-defence, Ralael must protect a stubborn princess to earn pardon from the elven king.

Thessian, home of the four elements; Water, Fire, Air and Earth—and one region is preparing for violence. Ralael is a Hybrid half-elf warrior with dreams of grandeur. Hybrids—nearly forgotten by the rest of the elves—keep to themselves and struggle to survive. A skirmish with three elves forces Ralael to defend himself and he spills blood.

Naal, the daughter of the elven king, knows she’s being set away from the kingdom by her father. But none of the warriors are willing to escort her. So when her father offers Ralael a pardon if he escorts her to safety, she knows the poor Hybrid is stuck with her—and she doesn’t mind. He keeps talking about the dangers they’ll face on their journey, but she’s sure he’s exaggerating. Right?

All Ralael wants is peace for his people. All Naal wants is to enjoy the moment. And her naivety might cost them everything..