Heirs of the Frost – Daniel Greenbrook

No one should be forced to choose between their own life and the life of a stranger.

Ralael and Naal had to.

Ralael is a Hybrid: a half elf. A warrior with big dreams and an iron will. The Hybrids stands on the brink of extinction, and he’ll do anything to make sure they survive. When two elves show up at their gates with an offer from their king, he defies the will of his entire community in pursuit of a chance to be heard.

Naal is very different. She’s the daughter of the elven king, raised in the peace of her father’s palace. She’s oblivious to the strife plaguing the land. But when unrest starts spreading in the crown city, her father decides to send her away.

The situation escalates quicker than anyone imagined.

Pursued by the king’s enemies, Ralael and Naal flee to the south. A place even the bravest elves fear to tread..