Hello Bird : An Early Reader Sight Word Story Book with Animation Buttons to help kids learn to read: Helps Motor Skills Development in Toddlers – Happy Books

Get your kid to move story characters and learn to read with this uniquely designed book of early reader sight word stories
Reading is guaranteed to be fun with this interactive eBook!
Kids will love the rich display of colors and the familiar board book design crafted to lure them in and keep them wanting to read every page of this book.

Kids will be exposed to the following common sight words:

this, is, to, her, not, the, it, he, with, can, you, see, she, from, by, they, also, him, now, but, will, where, with

Through the constant reading of the stories in the book, kids will slowly become familiar with the words and over time, these words will form part of their early vocabulary needed for reading books.

Interactive Matching Buttons to promote motor skills, early reasoning and create engagement
The three large attractive buttons that can be found in all pages of the book, provide a fun interactive element to the story.

Children can match icons drawn after each sentence in the story, to the pictures on the buttons thus get engaged in early reasoning.

Clicking on the buttons help to draw out their motor skills and also activates interactive actions in the story (such as making a bird wave or getting a mouse to sleep), thereby breaking the “fourth wall” and making the kids to be a part of the story.

Includes a Sight Word Button that has a sight words highlighting feature to expose the sight words found in the story
A Sight Word Button (The one with an eye icon) makes up one of the three buttons found on every page in this beginner reading book for preschool kids.
Pressing it highlights the sight words in the sentences that make up the story.
The highlighted words can be pointed to and read out to the child so that they learn to read them.
This will help promote mastery of these sight words in the children so that they can learn to read.

Features of this book include
– A very interactive book for kids aged 3-5 and above
– An engaging book where kids can move and affect characters in the story by clicking on one of the three colorful buttons found on every page in the beginner reader book
– Features a Sight Word Button that highlights the sight words in the sentences of the story so that the kids can read and recognize them
– A great learning tool to teach children to read early by learning the sight words
– A very colorful and entertaining beginner reader book for kids in preschool and kindergarten
– A very educative early reader book for level 1 readers which teaches sight words for 1st graders